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Special Guest Harper Levine

Harper Levine is one of the most special people in the art world. Beginning as a rare book dealer in Minneapolis Minnesota in 1997 he has recently become known for his ability to truffle hunt for emerging and overlooked talent in the visual arts and has given several artists that are now market darlings their first gallery shows. He now has three spaces, his East Hampton flagship as well as Harper's Apartment on the Upper East Side and a space in Chelsea with plans to open in Los Angeles later this year and a second Chelsea space in 2022. In this wide-ranging interview we talk about his beginnings in the book trade, his move to the Hamptons, his turn towards visual art, how his friend Richard Prince is the most important book collector ever (!), his rapid expansion, and much much more. Harper has a generous and wide-ranging intellect and an infectious love of life and you won't want to miss his story. 

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